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Waiting Twitter

Waiting for Little Twitter to Become Mature


Twitter is not only a Web 2.0 application but specifically an important information highway. There is a lot of good information to retrieve on Twitter but I hope that Twitter evolves and gets mature.

Beside pearls published in this excellent informational vehicle, there are a lot of insignificant Tweets in there so far. Too many people such as SEOs are talking about tasteless meals taken here and there. SEO information from SEO experts is really useful for a lot of people but tasteless meal reports are more valuable from a gourmet expert or a well renowned restaurant chief’s point of view. What to think about a lawyer’s cabinet who is twitting every single day repeating the same message “If you need a lawyer, visit our Website”?

Luckily, social media are so made that the community itself will eliminate the junk that pollutes the Internet and Twitter. Followers will unsubscribe from those who will not post quality messages.

With the learning of users who have not yet acquired sufficient knowledge of Twitter, we will see an increase in the quality of disseminated information. Twitter will become a better vehicle for effective and high quality information.

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